Manu Ferneini


Beirut, Lebanon, March 2018.

The Dalieh of Raouche is a natural outcrop on Lebanon’s coastline that has always been a recreational space for working-class families. Today, much of Beirut’s shoreline is crowded with upscale resorts and luxury hotels that are off-limits to the public. It was to be expected then that Dalieh would become the target of yet another private development project - stoking once again the fires of controversy among activists and locals. Although intensive mobilization efforts have been devoted to protecting Dalieh’s ‘open access shared space’, the threat of its privatization still looms to this day. In fact, Dalieh is now fenced-off and stacked with monstruous cement blocks and the fancy skyline visible from Dalieh is a reminder of what seems like an inevitable fate in Lebanon. 


Monot Street, Lebanon.

March 2018

  'Sofar Sounds' gig, Beirut, 2018.

Jounieh Highway, Lebanon, 2018.

Beirut, Lebanon. December 2017 

Beirut, Lebanon, December 2017.

Beirut, Lebanon, December 2017.

Priya and Emily in the kitchen during a family lunch. 

Kids playing football in the Old Souk, Lebanon, August 2018. 

Garbage crisis, Lebanon.

Beirut, Lebanon, February 2016.

Garbage crisis, Lebanon.

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